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Congratulations to 2010 Recipient: Iva Freeman


BACKGROUND: In December 1992, the LIBRAS membership established the Melvin R. George Award. The Award honors Melvin R. George, second president of LIBRAS. He along with the other LIBRAS founding directors, by their example, have made a significant contribution to the development of interlibrary cooperation. The award consists of a certificate of recognition, and a plaque which will be arranged by the president. The president will initiate requests to the membership for annual nominations in September of each year. Guidelines for the nomination and selection of each year's recipient follow.

PURPOSE: To honor Melvin R. George and other LIBRAS founders who, by their example, have made a significant contribution to the development of interlibrary cooperation through the establishment of LIBRAS.

RECIPIENT: The award is given annually in December to a LIBRAS library, librarian, or other individual currently or previously affiliated with LIBRAS who has made a significant contribution within LIBRAS to library service with special emphasis on library cooperation. A recipient can only receive the award once.

PAST RECIPIENTS: Past recipients of the award are listed HERE.


  • Active involvement in LIBRAS, evidenced by attendance at meetings, participation in committees, or other support for LIBRAS.
  • Positive contributions to interlibrary cooperation.
  • Positive influence on library colleagues, support staff and the academic community.
  • Notable leadership, both in LIBRAS and the library community at large.
  • Supportive concern for new members of the profession.


Anyone within LIBRAS may nominate one candidate per year for this award. Self-nominations will not be accepted, nor will nominations for someone currently working at your own institution. If no nominee seems worthy of recognition in a specific year, the award will not be given.

The nomination must be submitted on the "Nomination for Recognition" form to the President of LIBRAS by February 1. The nominator must address the first three criteria listed on the form, plus at least one other, to allow for an informed selection recommendation. Supportive evidence (no more than two pages) may accompany the form. Supportive evidence might include, but is not limited to, course syllabi, program handouts, citations to published works, news articles, or other evidence of activity in academic, civic, or cultural organizations.

The President of LIBRAS will appoint an Award Committee to select the recipient of the Melvin R. George Award. No individual nominated for the award may be on the Award Committee. The President will make public the names of the individuals on the Award Committee.

The Award Committee will be responsible for asking each nominee to complete the "Nomination for Recognition" form. After the Award Committee has made their selection, they will submit the name of the recipient to the President of LIBRAS, who will then inform that individual of the award.

FUNDING: One percent of the LIBRAS annual membership fees will be used to fund the Melvin R. George Award. (5/96)

Nomination Forms
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