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First Meeting of the New LIBRAS SIG: Emerging Technologies

When: Tuesday, January 27, 2009, 10:00am
Where: Dominican University Library, 7900 W Division, River Forest
Directions and Parking:
Treats: Yes


•text messaging
•Library Thing
•Google features
•institutional repositories
•digital collections
•any and all open source and free Web-based tools

Please join fellow LIBRAS member at this inaugural meeting to discuss the mission and future plans of the SIG and the following questions:
• What emerging technologies are we using in our libraries?
• How have those technologies provided greater service to students and faculty? How have they made our jobs easier and more fun? How we can get all library staff comfortable with and enthusiastic about using them?
• How do we teach our students and faculty about these technologies?
• How can we teach each other about those technologies? How can we help each other implement them in our libraries?
• How do we stay up to date on the latest technologies?

We’ll also talk about a possible second meeting at which we can demonstrate some of those emerging technologies, and about how we can help with the LIBRAS Web site and blog.

Please RSVP and direct any questions to:
Caroline Sietmann, Dominican University Library
Phone: 708-524-6884

Windows, Yahoo and Google IM: carolinesietmann