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Year Recipient Institution Notes On Recipients
2010 Susan Swords Steffan Elmhurst College
1998-1999 LIBRAS Treasurer; 2000-2001 LIBRAS President; 2001-2002 Past-President/Continuing Education Coordinator
2009 Iva Freeman Kendall College
1999-2000 LIBRAS President; 2000-2001 Past-President/Continuing Education Coordinator
2008 Sally Anderson North Park University
2007-2008 Past-President/Continuing Education Coordinator;
2006-2007 President
2007 None Awarded
2006 Theodore Schwitzner North Central College
2005-2006 Past-President/Continuing Education Coordinator; 2004-2005 President; 2005 Strategic Planning Committee Chairperson; 2003-2004 Vice President/President-Elect and Program Coordinator; 2002-2003 Web and Technology Special Interest Group Chairperson; 2000-2002 Secretary; 1998-2000 Technical Services Special Interest Group Chairperson
2005 None Awarded
2004 None Awarded
2003 Carolyn A. Sheehy North Central College
1993-1994 LIBRAS President, Secretary; 1992-1993 Chair or participant on numerous committees (including Strategic Planning and Bylaws)
2002 P. Paul Snezek Wheaton College
1981-1982 LIBRAS President, Chair of Cooperative Collection Development Committee
2001 None Awarded
2000 None Awarded
1999 None Awarded
1998 Rayonia “Ray” Babel Aurora University
1997 None Awarded
1996 Dorothy Ellen Gross North Park University
1983-1985 LIBRAS President, Chair of Numerous Committees
1995 Mel Klatt Elmhurst College
1980-1981 LIBRAS’ President, Chair of LIBRAS 20th Commemorative Handbook Committee
1994 Henry Latzke Concordia University
1993 Bert A. Thompson Benedictine University LIBRAS' 6th President